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Can anyone offer some comments on the Graphic View II. I this a decent usable camera for both studio and field? Any comments pros & cons would be appreciated.

-- George (, August 28, 1997


I have enjoyed using the Graphic View II within the limits imposed by its non-interchangeable bellows. Make a point of finding one with a graflock back as there are some around with older spring backs that are difficult to use with roll film adaptors and even a few oversize graflex backs. The graflock panel is interchangeable with the Speed and Crown, either with or w/o an Ektalite fresnel. The fucussing hood is a nuisance but protects the glass when carrying the camera in a pack. The lens board will interchange with an older anniversary graphic or a B&J press for the field. Many of the old Graphic views and viewII's are getting to be quite floppy. The II has a longer (16") rail and axis tilts. The bearings around which the lens and back panels tilt become loose but can easily be retightened simply by laquering the end of the screw that is the tilt pivot. Put it together after its thoroughly dry! The original graphic view had a little shorter rail and base tilts that were less susceptible to the wear problem, because the locking rods run all the way down to the base and the geometry is better for locking the tilt. Before you buy a camera,check to see that all of the washers are in place. There should be three on each locking point: a fibre one, a bronze spring one, and a steel spacer. Most cameras are missing most of them which contributes to an undeserved reputation for wobbliness. The best manual for these cameras is the USN Photographers Mate 3 and 2. There is a chapter devoted to this camera so you can read for yourself whether it's a useful machine.

-- Chris Hale (CHALE@ICOM.CA), October 07, 1997.

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