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Anyone know a good source for techical information on supercharging a 440? I am interested in intake manifolds and different blower types (ie.Wipple) Also, any recommendations on piston types (ie, compression ratios etc.) to enable me to run current octane levels on the street.

-- Randy Regelous (, August 13, 1997


Blower info

As far as I know BDS, Blower Drive Service, is the only manufacturer of 440 blower (roots type) manifolds. Stock type forged pistons should work just fine for blower usage, especially with open chamber heads as they "blueprint" to approx. 8:1. I'd talk to the MP tech line or Hughes Cams in regards to a cam. Stay away from any cam for a MoPar that has the same specs as a Chevy grind. This means all developmental work was done on a sb Chevy and those specs are then ground on a Chrysler blank. Not a good way to get the best out of your MoPar. Now a Whipplecharger might have a kit to bolt up to a 4bbl manifold. I've seen setups that hang the blower along the right side of the engine and duct the air into a stock manifold. Of course this was on a MPI sb Chevy, so ask Whipple about it. Another good choice is a centrifigal blower. Paxton has kits for LA MoPars but ask about BB MoPars. Another possibility is SuperPac, and electrically driven centrifugal blower that can be mounted about anywhere and duct the air into the top of the carb. Only problem is it draws 95 Amps when running. So it's more like a part time use, like NOS.


-- Thunderstruck... (, August 13, 1997.

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