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Ahlan wa Sahlan. Eyndee sual.A request actually. Earlier this year I was contacted by khezr(es salaam oo alaykum), but it was fleeting, to say the least. El green one was most elusive, despite his contacting me. If you see or speak with him, please tell him I am awaiting his return. Shookran

-- reverend beulah mustafa the deacon of dixie (, August 07, 1997


Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice. Beauty.

My Fellow Asiatic,

As-Salaam Aliekum

I felt compelled to write you and notify you that the MOC Temple here in Dallas Texas is the Khalwat-i-Khadir (asa), and at present we are working on an issue of the Monitor in re: Mad Science and the Grren One. We would be most interested in hearing from you. May the 70,000 veils part for you.

Mustafa al-Laylah Bey, Revesian Exilarch Khalwat-i-Khadir(as-Salaam Aliekum)

-- Mustafa al-Laylah Bey, Revesian Exilarch (, February 01, 1999.

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