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The weekend of September 26 thru 28 will find aliens from all know areas of Gene Rodenberry's space desenting on Gatlinburg. The Starbase Gatlinburg Convention will be held at the River Terrace Resort and Convention Center. Appearing in person and signing autographs will be George Takei of original Star Trek as Mr. Sulu and Ethan Phillips, Neelix, from the new Voyager series. There will be a fun run with George Takei leading the way on Saturday morning and a Dance Party with Neelix hosting on Saturday night. For ticket information please contact or

-- Linda Oakley (, July 22, 1997


WEB Sight for Convention

Also be sure to check out the Convention Web Site at:

Anthony Leopard

-- Anthony Leopard (, July 23, 1997.

Convention web site

I'm impressed. If I wasn't already signed up for the convention this would help make up my mind. GOOD JOB

-- Linda Oakley (, July 26, 1997.

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