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Hey Ken, I really think this is a great page, and think most locals would to if they knew about it. I have talked to several locals with computers that knew nothing about this page, I think it would be a good idea if we had someway to notify all of them about it, maybe a flier or something? Also wanted to thank you for putting me in touch with a long lost friend via the message board. This is really a good thing and I thank you. Thanks, Diane

-- Diane Farragut (, July 19, 1997



Sevier livning has been in the Mountain Press a number of times. I think that is the reason behind it's current activity. But to better promote it, I am thinkijng about mass mailing all e mail addresses in sevier county. But for now, word of mout is what brings the people here! Also, I still see Sevier Living as being in it's infancy, and Plan on adding new features, like a chat room and new catagorized messge board system, Including a job center., and removing some of the less popular features. After these changes are done, Isuue 3 will be released along wthyh a mass mailing and a few more marketing tricks. :)

Hehehe well enough of my babble. Ken Raisor.

PS, do tell me about this friend you have found!

Thanks again Diane!

-- K Raisor (, July 19, 1997.

Advertising Sevier Net

I usually get the mountain press on Sunday, and thats where I did hear about sevier net.. the problem was it was on "the old farts page". I know sometimes it has useful internet links, so thats why I was reading it.

I can think of a few ways to get more exposure: join up with link exchange ( for FREE advertising. My FAVORITE idea is bumper stickers! They seem to have lost thier popularity, but now with the Internet, its a great way to advertise sites.. just have to make the URL big enough to read! Perhaps Blalocks would put the URL on thier sign on the parkway? They are always advertising local events on it.

-- Joe

-- Joe Jepsen (, July 19, 1997.

Sevier Living Promotion

Thanks for the Info, Im going to look into Blalocks. but the Link Exchange is not for Sevier Living, It randomly selects places across the world and advertises your site, Seier living is specific only to locals.

Thanks again for your help! Users like you will help make this site a success!

-- Ken Raisor (, July 19, 1997.

uhmmmmmmmmm and by the way...

I personally think Experienced living is a wounderful paper. and very interesting and informative, and you read it yourself, so please dont include flatulance in your description of it. thanks! Ken

-- (, July 19, 1997.


Sorry, but after living in Florida for 8 years (how many of you have heard of Punta Gorda, Port charlotte or Charlotte county??) I have aquired a distaste for Grouchy Senior Citizens..

Yes, Experienced Living is an informative Tabloid, but it also embodies some of the things I hope I won't be when I'm retired... Do the Teenagers complain because they don't have a "Teen Center?" Do us 20-somethings complain because we don't have a "Generation X Center?"

Just food for thought! BTW, it wasn't ment as Flatulance.

-- Joe

-- Joe Jepsen (, July 19, 1997.

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