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Hey Folks! I'm very pleased with the ammount of response the Mesage Board has gotten! Thanks to everyone that posted! Im considering quite a few changes for the next issue of sevier living, due out next week, I am considering a complete restructure. What I have in mind is Replacing all of the catagories with Bullitin boards similar to this one. Having seperate topics Including a for sale and trading section and an employment section. All suggestions and comments are greatly appeciated! What Catagories would you like to find in sevier living? There seems to be a great amount of interest in Help Wanted ads, and this week I intend on focusing on that area.

I personally would like to see more communication about the community and local news and Ideas. What topics and interests would you be interested in?

What would you like to see happen On sevier living? Click on reply and let me know!

Thanks! ken

-- Ken Raisor.... SL's Grand Poo-Bah (ken@metatroncs.com), July 19, 1997



Thanks for this forum, Ken! It's helping me so much! I'd love to see a forum for newcomers. Anybody else out there interested?

-- Lydia Godfrey (GoodlyDif1@aol.com), July 30, 1997.

Newcomers Forum.

Look for a lot of new forums coming up in the next edition. Thanks for the wounderful Idea : )


-- Ken Raisor (Ken@Metatronics.com), August 01, 1997.


Thanks, Ken for this new forum!

Is anyone else new like me and looking for ways to network and become a contributing member to this community? I was feeling so out of pocket and through Sevier Livng, I'm beginning to feel my way around in the dark a little.

Let's share our common experiences as newcomers to the Sevier County area. For example....finding backroads as a way around the tourist traffic...for me I learned some from riding with an acquaintance from work and some from just exploring on my own. If you've learned a good one...please share! LOL

Thanks, Ken : )

-- Lydia (GoodlyDif1@aol.com), August 03, 1997.

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