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Everyone Ive talked to says their sales are really down for this week compaired to last year. Anybody have any Idea why? Perhaps it might be due to the construction on I-40. Press reply at the top of the page to answer.

Also, What do you think about adding a whole classified ads secton? Or possibly linking to a major classified ad for all of east tennessee? Let me know!


-- Ken Raisor (, July 18, 1997


Look for an update soon : )

Soon I will make a special want ads place, and a place for Hp wanted ads, in fact, im working on it now : ) I really hope more people post about life and the community :) Untill there is a new update though, everyone please feel free to post anyhting you want in here, thanks!

-- Ken Raisor, The Big Cheeze (, July 19, 1997.


Yes! do it! Wouldn't use anything out of the county, at least keep it to East Tenn. Please keep separate from BB. I know how this can get. Ask me. Jan

-- Jan Headrick (, July 18, 1997.


Thanks, Ken for creating the space and working so hard to keep it up! I especially appreciate it because I'm a newcomer here and *so* disoriented after being 25 years in a big city. It really helps reading these boards and seeing the common joys and problems of living in this area. Also seems to be a safe place to meet people before meeting in 3D. Thanks. : )

-- Lydia (, July 27, 1997.

Yes, do it!

I agree, Jan. I would love to see something mainly local but in a separate place from the boards. I'd hate to wade through ads when I'm looking for a community forum. Thanks.

-- Lydia (, July 27, 1997.

Tourism this year

Yes, for some reason the tourist busniess is down in Sevier County this year compared to last. Maybe it had something to do with all the rain and flooding this past spring or all the extreme humidity and heat we're going through now. Jack Mayes (former owner of Historical Names Research in the Mountain Mall D-4 and now co-owner of Needlecraft Cottage in Wears Valley) told me that business is well below last year's.

The computer business has been a bit slow too - if anyone needs help with their current system or needs a reasonably priced upgrade, stop in TSO Computers in the City Center Severiville (across from the K in K Mart) and tell Mark or Chris that Patrick sent you. You abosolutely must get a SoundBlaster AWE32 now that the price is so low!

Patrick Lane IntellTech Computer Systems

-- Patrick Lane (, July 19, 1997.


Yes, I think it would be a great idea to have a local classifieds section in SL. As for low sales,, where I work, we are up from last year.Although it does seem like less traffic(a little).

-- carol winn (, July 21, 1997.

I wonder whether it was the rain we had last week. I'm new here but people I've talked with say this year overall is down from last year as far as tourists. Is the economy down this year? Also, one thing the tourists mention is the traffic. I've had several tell me that if something isn't done about the traffic, they're going to quit coming back---that if they want traffic, they don't have to leave home for that...LOL I'll be interested in watching for other comments and thoughts on the subject, especially since I OPC and how well I do has a lot to do with foot traffic on the Parkway. Thanks.

-- Lydia (, July 27, 1997.

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