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I only came here because I wanted to know who this Hakim Bey guy was and what exactly he is all about. This is a strange place, yet it may help me in my quest for forbidden knowledge. I am eighteen and am planning on leaving my pitiful country to exlore the world, in hopes of networking a revolution in thought. anyone like to help?

-- Mojo (none), June 10, 1997


Hakim Bey is a rhizome, a name given to a multibranching intensity that engages the schizflux of radical pleasure, immediacy (fuck waiting for what you want, fuck all the channels you're supposed to go through, sieze it now), and the creation of spaces of celebration, exhuberance, creative chaos, and challenge outside the realm of authority. The idea is to furtively disregard authority and create what we want NOW. Quincy Jones produced Michael Jackson's albums. Harve Bennett produced Star Trek The Wrath of Khan. But all of these are for the spectacle. The challenge is to create something for the immediate participation now of pleasure. Produce your life, with more exhuberance, ruthlessness, and dedication than any movie or record producer...

-- "Howlin' Mad" Johann (, November 21, 1997.

Reply to the reply:

That's all fucking chatter, you Persian puppets! Will the 'Rhizome' feed your babies? All this intellectual theorizing is about fucking useless without EXAMPLES of practical application. Though I suppose YOU live in a secret anarcho-taoist trailer park in a dimension of homosexual pyrotechnics, so I've got no room to bitch, eh? Me? I'm just taking a break from my flint-knapping and piss-tanning to jot off an e-mail and smoke some hash. I hate fucking smart people. Shaggy.

-- Shaggy al-Carcosa (, February 19, 1998.


Apologies accepted. Now send women and canned food to Wisconsin quick! We're running out of tubers! Shaggy.

-- Shaggy al-Carcosa (, February 19, 1998.

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