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Yeah! Guess I didn't take that "Wet Floor" sign seriously. That hurt, but it was phunny.

-- Matt (matt@altered.com), June 07, 1997


Face it, honey, youíre one of lifeís casualties. You may have fifty, sixty, seventy years to go, but just think of them all as one relentless, uninterrupted, malevolent wet floor and you wonít be wrong.

Take heart. Youíre not alone. There are thousands of us: thousands of blundering, slack-jawed, sore-assed losers, perpetually skidding and flailing on the oily lino of life.

Where do we congregate, you ask, to sob on each otherís shoulders and lick each otherís sores? Why, at the Ask A Drunk forum! There, and only there, will you find your own kind. So donít be shy. We wonít eat you. Not unless you come with a chutney-and-sarsaparilla dip, anyhow.

-- Rex (rex@waitrose.com), February 23, 2002.

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