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I was notified recently that my website, Georgia O'Keeffe at: was on their banned CyberPatrol list. Can't imagine why...there is simply nothing obscene or offensive about this webpage! I'm amazed that others can make these kinds of determinations... it's down-right scary.

-- J. Ellen Cotton (, May 25, 1997


If you don't do something to get it unblocked, nothing will change.

First, send a message to "Frank Bridge" with this information. Feel free to send me a copy. Sometimes it's a malefunction of the software, but regretably, the block is often intentional. Even if it stays blocked by the vendor, theAPL may use one of their limited number of exceptions to free it up for APL users.

Then, you can submit the URL directly to CyberPatrol for review. If unblocked by them, it get unblocked everywhere their product is used.

Also, be on the lookout for more information later this summer. Some of us *are* working to get the CyberFlop completely off the system. Many more warm bodies will be required at a few meetings in the coming weeks.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

-- Mike Workman (, July 17, 1997.

Previous text did not show eMail listing. Others also added.

Frank Bridge APL techie

And here are a few others you can send copies of your complaint to:

Brenda Branch APL Director Cynthia Kidd APL Staff Marcia Conner Asst City Manager Jesus Garza City Manager Andrew Martin City Attorney Mayor City Council City Council City Council City Council City Council City Council

-- Mike Workman (, July 17, 1997.

Just received a response by the CyberPatrol committee. The Georgia O'Keeffe site is blocked because of partial nudity in 2 photographs of Marilyn Monroe at the "Marilyn Pages" site located at "Ellen's Place" Apparently they have blocked my entire site due to this and have no plans to unblock it...Ellen

-- J. Ellen Cotton (, August 07, 1997.

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