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Q: Is a shop required to have used spraybooth filters,prep deck filters, stillbottoms/paint waste hauled away as hazardous waste?

A: No - only in rare cases (as in shops that may not have converted to an LF/CF paint product)NOTE: Often, an alternative product will work effectively while producing acceptable TCLP levels.

One-time TCLP testing can be performed to determine the leaching characteristics of a shop's waste. Once TCLP testing has been performed and certificates issued, shops can LEGALLY dispose of such items in the shop's dumpsters, and are no longer dependent upon HazWaste transporters or commercial recyclers. The end result is a shop's ability to ultimately eliminate hazardous waste manifests and retain more of their profits.

For a dicussion of these issues, as well as waste minimization programs and other services, please refer to

-- Tara L. Munro (, April 23, 1997


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-- Tara L. Munro (, June 27, 1997.

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