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Why filter at all? Our local library does and I cannot get the nature photos of John Sexton on their computer. The last name starts with SEX, a "banned topic" on their 'protection' programs.Yet I can get, view & print Robert Mapplethorpe photos of a bullwhip sticking out of the anus of the photographer. Am I forever scarred? Am I now permanently to be a low life degenerate consigned to sleeping under city bridges, living in a cardboard box and developing an uncontrollable craving for cheap fortified wine, mouthwash & the urge to rummage through trash cans? Who is hurt by access to pictures, ideas and information on any topic?

-- Dan Smith (, April 15, 1997


When you say local library, do you mean Brigham City, Utah?

This is the first that I've heard about filtering software installed there. Can you provide more specifics? What filtering program? How many computer terminals? Is there an equivalent web page with background information and media citations?

Thanks. .

-- David Smith (, April 15, 1997.

Let The Parents Choose

As a parent, I don't want my kids developing their sexuality from "" or "" or even "". Put the filtering in, so that parents can educate their children, not the freaks online!

-- Jim Robison (, May 31, 2002.

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