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Dark Ninja Clan Get much love.... Arabian Knights

-- Arabic Al Capone (bakawa@globalserve.net), April 14, 1997


check check check it

-- anonymously answered, August 23, 1997

What the hell are you dissin' for?

Take this freestyle up ya asshole......

Gimme one minute/ to drop stou(d)t rhymes without da Guiness./ My cargo Sparkle like shalack finish/ plus sanction embargo on below-par bros./ Throw dick to Oxana Bayou,/ who FIGUREd less than 8/ but met hullabaloo/ as fate/ stuntin' like John Woo./ Boo,..stuporfied when I'm thru./ Negroid myth, don't misconstrue./ Clicks, I run thru./ Battle, I luv to./ Roll witcha crew, I still crush you/ suh'in foul like blood stew;/--witches brew./ I'm unruly,/ spooling vicious newz/ on wack neoteric foolz./ Stee' let blast paragraph;/ flash ya staff blind/ when I release da moon shine./ Decipher my design:/ 3 picas plus nine/ strike ya mind like automobile to roadkill/ Ya grille, crashed at low yield/ for deliverin' smidgeon diction equatin' no skillz./ Emceez post amazin' statements but can't quote the pronunciation,/ ill brazen, ravin' shit like "my constellation's regurgitation smoke patients like Wes Craven pagination."/ Kill dat./ Time to peel hats;/ triple-phat swords axe the wack causin' cardiac thorax attack./ Keep spinnin' ya wheels of misfortune/ and call me Steelo Kevorkian;/ put a end to ya torturin'/ SCORCHIN' SHIT like incinerated fece portions./

peace to an unfrequented board. FreeSteelo Phalanx,VVC representer/ICU spawn

-- James Umoh (FreeSteelo), September 11, 1997.

We at the ninja HQ are greatly affended by your comments and decalare war apon your organization . BEWARE , DEATH WILL SOON COME !!!!!!

-- NINJA 21 (NINJAHQ@UNDERGROUND.COM), November 27, 1998.

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