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I have set up this part to allow for discussion and questions / answers concerning the issues surrounding Cyber Patrol in the Austin Public Libraries.

-- David Smith (bladex@bga.com), April 12, 1997


The Tulsa Oklahoma Public Library system uses the Cyber Patrol filter system to censor the internet terminals. I have a religious site that is no where near being considered obscene, much less pornographic. It is continually blocked by Cyber Patrol. I must say that the content of my material most likely rubs the status-quo the wrong way, to say the least, and this has much to do with this censorship. There is absolutely nothing deviate from good solid Biblical doctrines in this site. I have finally threatened to file and enjunction on 10-06-97 if they do not remove Cyber Patrol completely from the net terminals. I am not an attorney and would likely have to endeavor this movement on my own. Please give me a little push! What Law Books could I search to find the proper forms, and what courts are usually approached with such matters. The only reason I have resigned myself to this is because the advocate sites for freedom of expression are also blocked here at this library. Please be kind to help.

-- Jonathan Balli (jonathanten@mailcity.com), September 25, 1997.

I think any filtering policy in a library is just plain ridiculous. My exprieces with filters on the net are in no way positive. Not only do they block out the sites that I really don't want to see in a public library, but they also block out at least 30% of the sites I would like to browse. This can get extremely frustrating. don't block anything!! You simply can't sensibly filter the internet.

-- Jesse Woodruff (jessewoodruff@hotmail.com), May 25, 1999.

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