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lyrical brutality/ a genious' mentality/ is what we bring/ prozAK, the lyricists' dream team/ we represent on every plane/ 2-D, 3-D, and vocab comin straight from the brain/ drive you insane/ killin' all emcees that think they Able, I'm the emcee Cain/ you complain/ i explain/ The Pendragon and Proze/ prozAK has arose/ from the depths below, no longer unseen/ sixth sense is keen/ I orate the prozAK manifestation/ killin fake bitches during gestation/ the prozAK address/ never oppressed won't dare be repressed//

you quit and adjourn/ after one sojourn/ never to return/ bruised on you back and bruised on your chest/ cracked ribs, by sound waves that broke through your vest/ prozAK is congruent comin' at you equally from all sides/ flooding you like high tides/ I'm a tsunami/ spinnin verses at incredible speeds, just try me/ Pendragon stay true to the game/ and true to my name/ never conjugate/ just elaborate/ never mediate/ I initiate/ lyrical wars/ let my mic take it's course/ and rip through your heart with incredible force/

-- The Pendragon (, March 04, 1997

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