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Yo Proze and prozAK troops!! Where everybody at? Can we get some unity up in this bitch!!? Let's all get tight!! Ain't no point in havin' a crew, if we don't know each other, fuck c'mon!! I want this shit to go huge!! Proze this one goes to you or the best rhymer in prozAK, but I already nominate myself to represent prozAK in a team battle tournament, I say we enter this shit and win it yo! Give prozAK a name!! The team tournament, is 2 on 2 collaborations, so we got to get together and work on some collaborations you and me Proze and some prozAK collabs, and post them all over. Proze did you get the rhyme I sent you a while back I told you to add on too?? That's it, but I just wanted to say that I want to see some comradery in this bitch!! And if you get any updates on writing access let me know!!


-- The Pendragon (, March 02, 1997

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