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Where is the link to the old wow members organization? It was like a virtual textbook of all the stuff that happened to wow! Are you dedicated to preserving wow!'s history- or just reranging this site? Reinstate the old wmo link so that i can read the old articles- they are intresting to look back at- and keep wow alive!

-- Jimmy (), February 08, 1997


Calm down! If you wanted the link, you could have asked, you really didn't need to yell! The link is

-- George (, February 08, 1997.

thank you. sorry if I yelled but I have seen a drastic change in this website over the past two months and am somewhat unhappy to see this site focus on everyother online service except wow. You know- wow was more then the technical aspect- it was also about members. And I would like this site not to focus on the technical aspects of other online services but the bonds between members of the online service that tried so hard- wow. as you can see, I come to this page to hear about wow- not other online services. This page is special because it was with wow from the begining- and its too bad to see it just leave. There is only one truely orignal wow page- that is the wmo. Keep the Wow! members organization focusing on the techs and members that made up wow- not every other service. Because if the members have lost there own page- its lost all of wow. I am displeased to see you show no respect for the history that went with this site- you must preserve it. From the lack of a simple link to the old wmo, to the drastic change in interface- I don't see preservation. Screw with some other geocities site- but don't waste this one.

-- anonymously answered, February 08, 1997

I'm sorry if you don't like the changes we've made. But the changes were necessary. It is very hard to concentrate our efforts on Wow! when there isn't a Wow! to concentrate our efforts on. What do you expect us to cover? This site isn't about preserving Wow, it's a site to help out our readers. Talking about a dead service isn't going to help former Wow members. If you want to preserve Wow's history, either write an article about it or make your own site. Wow! is gone. Deal with it!

-- George (, February 08, 1997.

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