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This forum is a place for people to ask questions, answer those questions, and have discussions. The focus should be on orienteering in Kansas and the Lawrence-Kansas City area, the club "Orienteer Kansas," and orienteering in general. I created this forum August 15, 1999, as an experiment. If it proves useful, I'll keep it. If not, it will disappear.

Some suggestions for users of this forum:

1. Give your message a good title. A good title is one that gives the reader an idea of what you want to know. For example, if you have never done any orienteering and are wondering what sort of shoes to wear, make the title something like "what shoes for first-timer?" That sort of title would be much better than a more generic title like "beginner question."

2. If you have a question that is not directly related to the particular question topic -- start a new question thread. For example, if you are reading through answers to a question about shoes for beginners and you start to wonder about compasses, ask a new question with a title like "what about compasses for beginners?" This should make it easier to follow q-and-a forum and to quickly decide whether or not you want to read a specific thread.

3. I am the owner/moderator of this forum. If you want to send me e-mail, please use my home address: meglin@juno.com. You may notice that some of my postings have my work address. I'd prefer if people usually use my home address. Thanks. Michael Eglinski

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