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This discussion forum is provided for visitors to my gallery Web sites, as a way to talk to me (Paul Hamilton) and/or to each other about any topic tenuously connected to my sites. For example, you might ask questions here about how I make my pictures, ask for Web design advice, announce your new gallery sites, discuss art or artists you like... whatever.

I believe that the most exciting benefit of the Web is enabling geographically distant people to meet and form communities based on common interests and ideas.

Of course, you may e-mail me privately (ph@innocent.com) if you prefer; but if you have a question or comment which might be of interest to others, put it here. Think of this as a chatroom or coffee-shop with an attendant stenographer.

The forum software ("LUSENET", provided free to anyone who wishes to use it by Philip Greenspun at MIT) allows you to follow discussions by e-mail if you so desire, so you don't have to keep checking this page.

(Obviously, I will edit or delete posts which I find offensive, blatantly commercial, etc.)

How this System Works

This bboard software was written by Philip Greenspun and hosted for free by him started in 1995. Anyone could come in and create a forum and moderate the discussion. Most of the thousands of forums on this server were and are publicly searchable by Google and other Web indices.