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"SAVE THE WORLD" petition
If you think "saving the world" via a $1 levy per week per adult (children optional) goods and services support system to supply food, medicines, clothing and shelter to the refugees (especially the current fleeing caused by the buildup of arms) is a good idea, then please enter your details, at least your email.

Funds to be administered by your local government, goods are to be produced and purchased in your own country, and delivered by president Bush via the Army in place.

Open to all Muslim countries IF they sign Agreement to fight terrorism.

America and Governments should immediately cover the shortfall.

It will be in the interest of Multinationals to participate.

This GOODWILL is a humane method to quiet the tide of fear and anger from Muslims towards US and US towards Islam and Muslims all over the planet.

AND to stem the tide of Terrorism from WITHIN.

Gaining the favour of the refugee and the ordinary man on the streets of Islam will be seen as an unprecedented act of goodwill - an outpouring from each and every one of us - this will directly affect their lives and the key in getting the supplies to the people is the Army which is there to do so.

We are relying on the President to make the right choices without the inflaming of jihad and rallying support with surrounding countries. It is against terrorists that is understandable to proceed.

Inflaming the Islam Nation will be the mistake we cannot afford to make.

Seize the moment

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