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(THIS HAPPENED TO A PERSON I KNOW) I was thinking of going to trial but they offered a settlement. The situation is as follows: I was asked to leave a nightclub. I went out on my own. When I was on the street, I argued with the bouncers. I cursed at them. Then a fight broke out. They attacked me physically, but in their words I swung first. The bottom line, during the fight, I was already on the ground (outside of the nightclub on the street), and they were kicking me while i was on the ground. I blacked out for a second. I have a friend that is a witness. There was an independant witness, but they are trying to find him. But from the bouncers point of view, they said I started the fight and that I was drunk. But the result of that night: a couple of bouncers got arrested, and I was in the hospital. Do you think I have a case to go to trial for a civil suit? And if there is a phone number I can reach you to discuss this matter for advise? I have a lawyer now. Thank you. hope to hear from you soon.

-- Joanne Chiorato (, March 13, 2005

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