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First, this all stems from a fundraising activity. I have a coworker who I feel is upset that I do not wish to help fundraise this year. Now, I'm being pulled into the office and counseled b/c this coworker is saying he feels that I don't wish to look at, speak, or deal with him. This is partially true, I'm not fond of the person and try to stay out of his way, but is liking a person a requirement to working so long as you do your job? The person is going so far as to say I'm "racist" or behaving "racist"(we're opposite races). He has collaborated with two others of his race to say they feel that way, too. Now, I'm ordered to speak (actually say "hello" to him) everyday until the end of my employment. I told my boss, people speak many ways (hand gestures (wave), smile, and nod), but was told I have to verbally speak to this one person from now on. I have no write-ups, this is my first verbal counsel on behavior, but I feel like I will lose my job if I don't make this person comfortable. Is this possible? One more thing, the individual and I only overlap at work for 1 hour and work in two different areas (same department). Why can't I just come to work, do my job and go?

-- Latonia Wright (, February 01, 2005

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