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i have been "yelled"at. cused at had bosses try to physicaly intimadate me and my company will not act. boses wrote false report and i have many witnesses and victems. i need legal labor law information and codes of these violations and what can we do?

-- William Edminister (, February 01, 2005


1st Willim and Crystal are you public employees or private and if private how big is the company? If public are you covered by contract or MOU. My guess is your both private. I may be wrong. 2nd are either of you in a "protected class" for example over 40 years old, a qualifing disability, Race oppisite sex of your boss (Even the same is some cases) Theres many protected classes. If you are, then find out which branch of government has jurisdiction to prosecute and then it will be much easier to see if youv'e got a case. Examples: PERB DFEH EEOC NLRB hit your search engines. Go to these and look at the type of protected classes they each have. Basically what do they cover. Being a boss and a jerk at the same time may not be against the law (although it should be)

consideration: If you are in a protected class file immediatly and be ready for retaliation but then you will get them cuz its against the law for retaliating for filing a complaint so if you cant get them on the initail comlpaint they will hang themselves on the second

Lastly: physically intimidating you may constitute assult which is against the law in the first place Discribe it to a cop you can trust and find out. No one should have to work under those condditions. You said many "witnesses, victums" Have any of the others done anything about it? class action is a thought. If you are not in a union call one up there plenty around that will start to protect you immedicatly. You may lose the short term battle but will when the war. Hang in there. But do something or many more aafter you will suffer the same.

-- Ruben Beltran (, February 20, 2005.

I to would like to know the answer? I am a victim as well.

-- Crystal Leyvas (, February 15, 2005.

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