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I work in this department of pro-acitve customer relations. We have just learned that the assistance manager is the sister of one of the representatives in my department. At this time I feel very uncomfortable because she seems to get away with quit a bit of things such as late lunches, leaving the work premises and returning 20 minutes later, and her attitude is negative. I also just leaned that our supervisor is no longer our supervisor they replaced her with someone else that has no knowledge of this department. This person that they replaced it also friends with the assistance manager and the assistance manager sister. I have been with this facility for two years and the moral in this work enviroment is uncomfortable. So many co-worker are walking on egg shells because we don't know what going to happen next. Is this consider a safe or healthy work enviroment?

I also been under treatment for depression and anxiety because of work. I have fear that my position my be terminated. I am afraid to talk to someone at work in regards to this matter. If someone has any resources I can look into or if this problem could be consider a case.

-- Josette Macias (, February 01, 2005


Private or public? How big is the company? Do they have a written policy? The only thing you've said is you feel uncomfortable. Why is everybody walking on egg shells? and why are you depressed? Theres gotta be alot more to it because "uncomfortable" shouldn't cause all that. Is cause shes getting away with things others can't? In the short run there might not be anything you would want to do. In the long run. Document Document Document everything. Be accurate, Date, time what was said, circumstances at the time, witnesses, Tetc. etc. etc. Then if they try to discipline you, and your in a protected class, you can prove that you are being treated different! Thats what makes a case! Its when your "treated different" that a protected class bails you out. And if your not in one. Produce one. Try to unionize, there everybody has immediate protection just trying to form one against retaliation. And thers alot of detail laws against emoloyeers who try to stop it or even try to run it themselves. Legally they can't even have a spy trying to listen and report back to them about possible union making. Like in another employee. Meanwhile look for another job to fall back on (or take now) in case they do retaliate and your waiting for your big settlement! No one should have to work under bad conditions but you must help yourself if theres nobody else.

-- Ruben Beltran (, February 20, 2005.

I would like to know the answer myself?

-- Crystal Leyvas (, February 15, 2005.


-- Crystal Leyvas (, February 15, 2005.

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