Disciplinary action due to unsafe travel conditons

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I live in a mountain community for seven years now, and due to the recent heavy storms have had some days when I have needed to change my schedule or have called off due to the snow being so heavy I felt it was unsafe to travel. My area is not always plowed for days. I also have a five month old baby who I still breastfeed, and if there is a chance that I cannot get back home to her, I will change my schedule. I generally watch the weather and change my schedule as necessary. I have a flexible schedule, with nights and weekends mandatory that I schedule myself, accessible to my boss by Outlook. My employer told me that since I choose to live in this area, they do not need to make concessions for weather, as the majority of employees do not have an extreme weather travel issue. I have always made up my time, giving up days off on the next week, etc. I am a salaried executive employee in a major corporation employed for fourteen years. I have been told by my boss that I am looking at disciplinary action for attendance, even though my time has been made up. Most states have mandates as to travel in extreme weather conditions for workers, and I cannot find any information as to the same in California. Please help with any information or sites that I can research.

-- Rose Urbaszewski (rose.urbaszewski@verizon.net), January 03, 2005

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