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I currently have 19 years as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. On 09/11/02 my department worked me an extended tour of duty, assigned me as a counter sniper for the protection of the President of the United States. After the President had left the area I was called into the substation and given my Proposed Termination paperwork,(for a first offense for inattention to Duty) inwhich the department claimed I was a threat to national security, and placed me on administrative duty with pay. On 06/14/03 Chief Chambers (herself now terminated) decided on Termination, On 12/08 & 09/03 my cas was heard by an Arbitrator. On 04/12/04 Post Hearing Briefs were filed. On 10/25/04 the Arbitrator at the request of the Government and my Att. filed an Initial Opinion. The Arbitrator found termination excessive / unwarranted and replaced the termination with a 30 day suspension. The department has acted on this initial decision and has brought me back to work and is in the process of computing the back pay and benifits. As of 11/28/04 the Arbitrator has not yet returned the final decision. My job has always required a large amount of overtime. Am I entitled to the loss of Mandatory Overtime that I missed due to the unjustified termination? If so is there a specific Federal Code I can use to justify this back payment?

-- Robert F. Zarger Jr. (, November 28, 2004

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