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I am a 23 year old female approximately 31 weeks pregnant. On a referral from a friend who just gave birth, I am looking into having a doula. She told me it was a wonderful, calming and secure component to her birth experience. I live in Orange county and will be giving birth at the neugarten birth center in Rhinebeck (Ulster County). Money is very tight for my husband and I, as we are young and just starting out, but I would really like the opportunity to have a doula be part of our birth experience. If you are a doula interested in working with us for free or low cost, please contact me, and many thanks and best wishes. Jessica

-- Jessica Dawes (, November 04, 2004


Jessica- I sent a private email to you but recieved a maternity leave response. If you haven't recieved my email- please email me at If you haven't had your baby yet and are still interested in a doula- I will be home for a week (in Rhinebeck) and could be on call for you..if you haven't found one. Just a thought. Liz

-- Liz Jutton (, December 17, 2004.

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