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How can i program a macro to run different engines specific CV's . I am trying to get engine lights and sound to trigger at different times automatically.

-- steve Norring (, October 21, 2004



I think you are asking the question with the expectation that this is something that is relatively simple - meaning that you can just program your loco or something and have this happen.

Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. As Don states, you need to add a computer and train control software. You will need to add transponding or something like that so that the computer knows which loco is where. You will need to do the programming that makes this work.

It will probably cost you at least $300 for the software and transponding hardware. Plus you will need to learn to program the train control software. While very doable, this is beyond what we can answer in a short question here.

If you want a whistle when a train reaches a particular point, may I suggest that you mount a sound module under the layout at the desired point? Sound modules are about $30 and an detector, such as that made by IRDOT, is also about $30. Unlike the DCC idea above, this is relatively simple to do and cost much less.

-- Allan Gartner (, October 22, 2004.

Need to add a PC to your system to feed the Command Station the specific commands to send to the locos from PC based program timers or train position stimuli. Not simple if you want each loco (of several running on the layout) to automatically whistle as it approaches a grade crossing. The PC would have to keep track of which loco is where on the layout.

Those with digitrax (or other) transponding experience - Please jump in here. DonV

-- Don Vollrath (, October 21, 2004.


ZIMO DCC together with STP software is made for this kind of operation. But as Allan already pointed out it isn't exactly cheap but a lot of fun. The software is easy to understand and use for anyone with basic Windows knowledge.

Regards, Art

Zimo Agency of North America

-- Art Luescher (, October 29, 2004.

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