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Is there any way where the VCD will automatically adjust to the size of your screen? I just converted an anime file to VCD, and it plays perfectly fine, but the subtitles cut off, you can only see half of them. Well, thanks.

- Hassamu

-- Hassamu (, October 17, 2004


You're seeing the effects of 'overscan' in a television. That is, you don't see the entire picture, some of it is normally lost on the top/ bottom and sides. There really isn't a good way to get this back, unless you want to mess with the horizontal and vertical size on the TV itself, if it has such adjustments.

Alternatly, you could recode the .avi with virtualdub so that it's letterboxed all the way around, but you'll make a video whose quality is adequate into something that is abysmal.

-- Bryan (, October 17, 2004.

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