termination of travel nursing contract

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My contract as a travel nurse was terminated by the hospital. I worked there for 7-8 weeks before anything was said, then I notified the charge nurse that I may need some help pushing beds and lifting patients due to some pregnancy problems. The next day, I was told that they were going to terminate my contract if I had to have work limitations. I couldn't afford to lose the position so I had my physicain fax over a letter stating that I could work without limitations. So, the next day the same charge nurse came to me and told me that they were having doctors complain so they were thinking about terminating me. I asked for specific complaints that they were saying and they could not tell me any, but she said that she would see how it went that week. I was off for 2 days and when I returned, after working for 30 min. I was told in the hall in front of everyone that they had terminated my contract and that my agency should have called me, but again I asked for a reason and was told that doctors had complained but she didn't know specifically what about. I called my agency and they said that the hospital had never contacted them, but they would call the nurse manager there and find out what was going on. When the agency called me back, she said that the nurse manager at the hospital said, that the charge nurse had complained about performance problems. They gave my agency 3 specific reasons, but none of them were true. One specifically was that I didn't know how to hang a specific drip or how to mix the medicine, but the thing is, I Never Had to Hang that Drip the whole time I was there. And another thing is, the hospital knew before I went that I was pregnant and that I may end up going off on bedrest and said they had no problem with that, we could work something out if that happened. But I was terminated, so I applied for unemployment and they couldn't even get a respond from them as to the reason I was terminated so it took 6 weeks to get that. I need to know if there is anything that I can do about this because not only did I lose my job and my income, but I also lost my substidy and I have signed a lease. I also have a morgage back home and this is becoming very difficult to keep up. So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

-- Tamara Janette Moss (janette3453@aol.com), October 12, 2004

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