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I have been working for the same company for 16 years, I've always have been passive. About the last of june I was verbally harrasement by my boss, but throughout the time I worked there I put up with the vebal harrasment as well as the sexuall harrasment in order to get my job. I had enough and quit, I was off work for about a month, then the girl I trained was having trouble doing my job. Like a fool I went back and since then two of the men empoyees have verbally harrasemnt me with, why the f*** did you come back, and what the f*** are you doing hear, and other choice words of just plain hate, I don't response only to say I'm doing my job and leave. I know this is only the beginning and I regret going back and probably will not stay for to much longer. Is there anything legal that I can do to put a stop to this behavior. please resond soon. thank-you in advance.

-- linda birmingham (, August 20, 2004

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