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Can somebody let me know of any photography courses in Singapore using SLR cameras? Thanks

-- Kiran Grover (, July 12, 2004



Hi , be careful of this black shop in singapore. "I HAVE BEEN CHEATED" $390 which cost only $89 for the vitacon lens.

i have bought vitacon 0.45 x wide angle with sony dcr-pc330e video cam and VF-R37K Filter kit in singapore at (song brother) 1 rochor canal road sim lim square #01-59/60. The sale man (name call Stefan gwee) char me for the total price of the three item at SGD$2614 including 5% GST.(TOTAL AMOUNT IS $2490) on 4 jul 2004.

The sony dcr-pc330e video cam in sim lim square shop cost about Sgd$2050 (GST not include ) as i tour around to ask for it price. The sony dcr-pc330e video camcorder itself which (song brother shop) charg me about Sgd$2050 (GST not include). Then VF-R37K Filter kit about SGD$50 GST not include. Which mean the vitacon 0.45 x wide angle cost me about $390 GST not include.

I then found out that the Vitacon 0.45 x wide angle in another shop at sim lim square (Edison electronics 01-43/45) cost only $SGD89 for the same models of the lens.

i have been cheated. i still have the receipt on my hand to prove that these three item cost me SGD$2490 GST NOT include.

As i look carefully for the description on the receipt it is written as (GROBARTING 0.45X WIDE ANGLE VIDEO LENS).


-- lee poh (, July 20, 2004.


Got this email from a friend of mine. Pls read it for your own info...........

This is wat my friend wrote to me.

Read this... Watch out people, My fren got cheated at sim lim square and she decided to blacklist the shop via e-mail. So I'm helping her.

SONG BROTHERS MARKETING. They have 4 shops in Sim Lim Sq. Shop no: 02-87/88 02-78/52/51/50 02-79/61 01-59/60 They cheat people. Their salesman have good skills of selling products, plus some are extremely rude to their customers. They promised to change their products for you if you're not satisfied or if you find other products cheaper than theirs, which makes you believe them b/c of the price gurantee. But their products are 25% more expensive than other shops in the bldg!!!

And they denied the price gurantee when you go back to them!! They are virtually "Black shops". yes! i can vouch for this because i went to compare their prices of MDs with the others, really much more ex than others! pls believe this.i'm a victim here!

I just bought a digital cam from them for $890 after bargain, initial price was $950. And B/c of their price gurantee, I bought it. I asked the salesman repeatedly "what if I find a cheaper one" He said to me 5 times "No problem! Give you back your $" Just 5 mins after I paid for it, I found the shop downstairs selling it for $700!!!! Of coz I went back to SONG BROTHERS, and you guessed it, the salesman denied! And said that it is impossible!So, a lesson learnt.

Just beware if you visit them in Sim Lim Sq to buy your computer products. Or best, don't visit them!Remember SONG BROTHERS MARKETING.

Please forward this Msg to internet users, coz they are bound to go to Sim Lim to buy comp products. Spread the words around, and be careful!

-- alex (, July 20, 2004.

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