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Peachtree 2004 Report

Today was a fun day for Grady Cross Country. We had at least 5 boys and at least 13 girls run the 10K race under clear skies and warm, humid conditions. Here are a few stories:

1. Nick Stephens cruised to a 141th place finish while blowing kisses to the crowd. 2. Sarah Muntzing, Sally Zintak, and Carson Hale got stuck in traffic and just barely made the start. Sarah arrived home from Montana at midnight, then got up at 5:30 to get to the start. 3. Caroline McGlamry, Amanda Haimes, Doris Tandongfor, Amelia Godfrey and Melanie Wagner decided to get into the Port-a-John lines at 6:55 and missed the starting gun at 7:30. They jumped into the crowd just as they began to move forward. 4. Wes Vernon beat his sister, while tying with Stone Irvin, making the top 1000, earning a NIKE mug. Daniel Montagne just missed the cut at 1221, but ran a good time. 5. Arielle D'Avanzo was the first Grady girl across the finish line looking very relaxed. 6. Amanda Haimes high-fived every child in the crowd, threw up at the 5 mile mark, and still finished second among the girls 7. Melanie Wagner hurt her foot at the three mile mark, called her dad to pick her up, then went to the pool to swim for an hour so she could get in her exercise for the day. 8. Sally Zintak got chills at 4 miles, slowed down and still got to the park in a good time. 9. Emily Burke, Rachel Caldas, Jessica Brandon, Jeff Carpenter and Natalie Streiter started well back in the pack without a timing chip and came in smiling. 10. Doris Tandongfor didn't find us after the race, so she walked two miles to get home. 11. Kiah Vernon ran a strong race at 45:25 showing her summer training is paying off, getting her ready for a college season at University of Georgia. 12. Many of us went to the McQuades after the race for their annual brunch. It was fun and delicious.

Complete results can be found at or You can search the ajc site by name, age or time.

We have completed one more stretch in the road to State. Everyone get on board the bus. It is an exciting ride.

Jeff Cramer

-- Jeff Cramer (, July 04, 2004

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