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I have been acting in pro per, I discovered documentation of intentional medical negligence, wrongful termination, payment for treatment from 5 claim numbers per visit, an attempt to sugically fuse my back against my wishes with the intent to prosecute me for fraud, and more. Despite overwelming evidence of wrong doings on the part of my employer and their providers the appeals board has ruled against me refusing to address the criminal behavior. I still do not have a diagnosis, the insurance carrier,my employers representitive, and their attorneys have made it impossible for any doctor treat my injuries. All medical legal documentation is constructed to portray my injury to be in my low back and old injury/surgery site, although there is vague references to my injury being both hips. The attorney for my employer and the board of appeals have worked in unison to bar me from reaching any remedy by causing delays and the statute of limitations to run out. I discovered in researching the law and my records dating back to 1990 and 2 claims I had then for work injuries and discovered how people in positions of authority can file under the federal fraud prevention act, with the control board to have a persons citizenship stutus changed, for unprosecutable frauds,i.e. recieving aid while working. 3 judgments were made against me this gave the people that filed it and other persons of authority to engage in criminal activity to entrap me and prosecute me for fraud after which the federal government would reimburse all parties for their expenses, meaning the insurance carrier who paid one doctor 5 times for one appointment would recoup that money. This also includes the appeals board, judges etc. The file containing the judgment was not made available to me until last year, it had been held by the control board for 10 years and longer, that same file was destroyed last October. I never recieved a copy of despite my attempts and only have one copy of one of the judgments. I have been told by a judge that has presided over my case that the changes taking place at the board were the result of my actions. I didn't understand at the time how I had done that but I believe I do now. I have been filing complaints and sending records to any place I could for years. and had done so with the attorney generals office seeking help I don't recall ever getting a reply and just found out that although they claim to enforce civil rights laws and will even take civil action to prosecute violators they will not represent one person only groups and organizations. my question is how and where might I locate the legal assistance I need, what do I do? How do I proceed and where?

-- Kathleen Deneise Chase (kathleen@gsisp.com), June 25, 2004

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