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if you give two weeks notice for leaving a company,then employer says today is your last day instead of tuesday the following week. Does the employer have to have all money owed to you then. Or do they have 72 hours to get it to you?

-- tammy white (tnkdln@sbcglobal.net), April 30, 2004



Firstly; if your a temp with the company then the company can decided to "get rid" whenever they want.

Secondly;If you are a per employee you would have a contract and most companies do ask for a month notice so that they can find a replacement for you to train before you leave.

Should the company ask you to leave earlier than your notice period the company under the law has to pay you for those days you "should" be finishing on. Eg:, if your notice period is 2 weeks, you should finish on 28th, but they say we dont need you from the 18th, they legally have to pay you till the 28th.

Hope this helps Millie Int Health & Wealth www.successbeginsathome.co.uk www.shapingyourbody.co.uk

-- Millie (info@shapingyourbody.co.uk), May 27, 2004.

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