why use PD controller in satellite magntorquer satbilization

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hi, i am asking on why we use only the PD controller in the magnetorquer control of the satellite attitude satbilization rather than the PID or PI controllers.

-- benzeniar haider (benzeniar@yahoo.fr), April 27, 2004


To control a satellite, it's typical to use a PD control law. You can use also the I component if you have some secular disturbance, i.e constant disturbance torque, on your satellite. I don't know the orbit of your satellite but it depends a lot on orbit configuration and on noises aboard. Just to know, someone developped a control law for magnetorquers based on the variation of the magnetic field of the Earth. We can say that the shape of the magnetic field will repeat itself each orbit and so you can imagine to use a prebuilded control law. But there are many question about that. I hope to helped you. Bye Francesco

-- Francesco Dell'Endice (ivdell@libero.it), May 13, 2004.

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