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plesase tell me about chromatography i am new for this field how itis work? pleasae tell with full details.

-- suresh.k (, April 10, 2004


it is study of chemical behavious

-- ragavendra (, April 20, 2004.

it is study of chemicals behaviour.It is greek word.

-- ragavendra (, April 20, 2004.

Chromatography, (greek chromos, color, graphy, drawing) is one of the most important technique for separation and caracterization of chemical compounds avaliable. there are several kinds of chromatography, such as column CC, thin layer TLC and gas GC chromatography. For control purposes it is used for measuring concentrations in fluid streams.(CD)and is often used in the organic chemistry lab. work up. If you want to learn more about CRTY, just search in the web.

-- antonio (, November 23, 2004.

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