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I have been promoted to a position which, they let go of a women before she went on leave. I told them I didn't want the job, then they told me to try it out for a week and if I didn't like it. I could go back to my old job. I'm still in the position and they will not allow me to go back to my old spot, and will not give me a raise to go with it. When I requested a job description, they gave me a fake description with no date, no job duties. The reason they say they won't give me a raise is because "paper base work" is in my job description. My new position is 4times the work load and has nothing to do with my old position.

-- Raphael Goins (, April 07, 2004


Are you public or private employee? You need to check your contract or MOU and then go from there. If your in a bargining unit then they should not have allowed you to move up without a raise in the first place. Basically if they have you doing the work at your present rate of pay then why give you a raise? It sounds more like taking advantage of you not promoting you. NEVER EXCEPT A "PROMOTION" (title change) WITHOUT A PAY RAISE AND STOP YOUR CO-WORKERS FROM DOING THE SAME. WHATS THE FUTURE IN A COMPANY WITH RAISELESS PROMOTIONS?

-- Ruben Beltran (, February 20, 2005.

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