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My husband and I were employed at a catering firm where we managed an off-site facility. We started our own business, and this facility we managed knew at some point we were going to, and wanted to go with us, not stay under our current employer. The problem is that in the original contract (between the facility and our employer) after the first year (which ended last October 2003) this facility had the choice of either renewing for another 4 years or ending the contract altogether. My husband at that time suggested a month-to-month lease, knowing we would be leaving eventually and would like to take this account over. The facility was only aware that at some point in the future, (whether 4 months or 4 years) we would be on our own. Is this considered collusion? What could they sue us for and possibly win? Thank you!

-- Sherri Stone-Bennett (, April 07, 2004

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