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Is what I'm reading correct? You mean to tell me that there is no California Law that states an employer is obligated to pay any sick time, vacation time, or any holiday's what so ever? Working full time in the hotel business (Holiday Inn) that are now individually owned, even if they own serveral other hotels? My God please tell me this isn't true! this only calls for less family values more burn out and less productivity. I left a job of fifteen years that had 4 sick days a year and a weeks paid vacation after the first year two weeks the second and 3 weeks at five years. Now forceing to move to a small town taken care of a sick husband and working for Eastern Indians that will, and do get away with not logging or paying over time to the ones that allow them because of the lack of education. Or perhaps maybe I should bring up the fact after a year of over 6 and up to ten hour shifts without lunches, and how much they would owe all associates for that alone maybe then they will go to the barganing table.

Any advice or facts would be deeply appriciated.

Jeanine Messmer

-- jeanine messmer (, March 31, 2004

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