terminating someone AFTER he/she has joined the Armed Forces, such as, the NAVY.

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As I recall, last I heard, it was a "GOOD THING" to want to be part of our United States Military services(especially now), no matter if its the Army, National Gaurds or in this case, the NAVY, EVEN IF we were employed at the time of our decision! But, in this situation it is just the opposite! My Question is; DOES ANY COMPANY/BUSINESS HAVE THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE OR LOWER AN EMPLOYEES SALARY AFTER HE/SHE JOINS THE NAVY AS A PART-TIME RESERVIST? One more point to keep in mind. This 'employee', out of respect, told his Employer well in advance of his actions, in which the response was negative. The employee stayed on the job, went to 'training camp/boot camp' for three weeks, came back and was told he will no longer have a job with NO REASONS WHY, of course. This is OUTRAGES & UNFAIR !!! This employee, ALSO had 6 years in the company with EXCELLENT reviews, except for the one he had AFTER he told them he might be joining the Navy Reserves. I know I wrote too much, but I really need some advice, URGENTLY!! Thank You Very Much!

-- Kamala Lynn Johnson (kamala@thedroid.com), March 18, 2004

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