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If a person is demoted, can the employer cut thier pay too?

-- David Riggle (lobez@yahoo.comj), March 13, 2004


I'm in a similar situation. Our client just demanded that a friend be brought in to do my job. There are no marks against me on my employment record. My boss even complimented my efforts and ethics when announcing I was being demoted and having my pay cut. The position that I was in still exists, and officially my title has not been changed at this point. Am I entitled to maintain my previous pay? (The salary difference ends up being $15,000 per year!)

-- (, January 12, 2005.

Help me, my position title did not change nor did my job duties change, however I noticed after a few weeks of checks my pay was decreased by $.50 and I was not notified. I notified my HR Manager & she advised me it must be a mistake. After investigation all supervisors who were at the same level were capped at the same pay. So that meant anybody who was making less or more got their wage pay adjusted to the cap pay. Since I was making more I got demoted in pay without notice and my position is still the same. Is this fair? My job gave me backpay compensation and advised me at the time how much I will be making from here on out. I didn't know if this was fair according to labor laws. Can I fight to get my pay back to the original wage when I was hired? If my position duties have not changed and I'm still conducting the same job duties for a year can my employer do this?

-- Renee Gattas (, April 14, 2004.

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