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I am trying to make a VCD with Nero using Mpeg1 and .smi subtitle files created in Subitle Worshop but when i try and copy accross the .smi files I have an internal error that wont allow me to do so. Can anyone help me? should i be using a different output file for the subtitles from subtitle workshop or is there an option i have missed. THANKS alice

-- alice clarke (, February 20, 2004


I know nothing about Subtitle Workshop, but maybe I can help you out here anyway. Subtitles are not valid for VCD unless they are part of the video image. That is to say, they can't be turned off and are always "on", like if you watch a subtitled video tape. Most subtitling programs allow you to make the subtitles be burned as part of the video image, so be sure you do that. I think they are called "permanent subtitles" when you do that. Secondly, Nero will correctly not recognize a *.smi file for reasons related to my previous answer. You have to mux the subtitles into the video stream prior to burning.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 20, 2004.

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