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I was recently fired from a medical research company. There was print out of a personal, not work email address,containing a previous Dr's name and I believe pts information. I do not recall all the details to this since it was briefly shown to me and within seconds I was fired and asked to leave the premises. I don't recall if it was sent to or forwarded to me. Nonetheless, I did not do that. For however the reason, somehow, someone, used my personal email for who knows what reason. If this is confusing, basically I am also. I just know that I did no such thing that would cause me to be fired. I never made any contact with another company/doctor. To narrow it down, they fired me due to 'misconduct' and by doing this, slandering my name. Thus, not being able to use them as a reference, causing hardship in finding employment. Can I sue or do something in which I can 'fight back' for false accusation?

-- (xlaangel@hotmail.com), February 11, 2004

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