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Here's another one I've always wondered about. There used to be a railroad that ran out to the Cliff House over Land's End. The railroad had a tunnel which I think was located right at the bottom of the stairs that come down from the golf course. I think it was hedged right against the rock wall that is on the ocean side of the trail. But I'm only about 60 percent sure of that. I do know the tunnel was somewhere right in that area. Does anyone know if I am right or where the tunnel might have been if it wasn't there?

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*, February 05, 2004


Yep, that's the location Harry. Actually, the tunnel is gone. It was on the site the large open gorge at the foot of those stairs.

In railroading terms, the tunnel was "daylighted" by removing the overhead cover and turning the right-of-way into an open cut when the line was electrified sometime around the turn of the last century.

-- John Martini (, February 06, 2004.

Harry, here's a photo of the train and tunnel before it got 'daylighted'. I guess you can cut and paste in location to view.

Tunnel Near Land's End.


Photo ID Number: AAB-9123

Folder: S.F. Districts-Lands End.

SF Public library

-- will (, February 21, 2004.

Thanks Will, that looks incredible and I wouldn't even recognize it because it looks like there is a small mountain where there is now open space and there are also no trees. They must have blasted that mountain off or something.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*, February 22, 2004.

-- test (harrymurphy*, February 24, 2004.

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