Eames Tricycle Company

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Eames Tricycle Company was located at 2100 Market Street in the 1901 City Directory and 2018 Market Street in the 1903 telephone book. They were also listed in the The Official Catalogue of Exhibitors: Universal Exposition, St. Louis, 1904.

I found that John Eames became interested in airplanes and later formed the Sunset Aviation Company in the Alameda mudflats with Charles Paterson and Fred Parker. In an article I read (http://earlybirds.org/paterson.html) it was mentioned that the Eames Tricycle Company was -"Pioneer Aviation Shop of the Pacific Coast," which sold turnbuckles and "everything in the metal line for your aeroplane"

Well, that's pretty neat...San Francisco spawning a Wright brothers type of thing, you know, bicycles to airplanes, but my question is about bicycles (I assume Eames made two-wheelers). Does anyone know where I can locate a picture of an Eames bicycle? Company logo? Did they, perhaps, make motorcycles? Heck, I want to see a picture of the Eames Tricycle.

-- will (willstaiger@yahoo.com), February 05, 2004

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