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Work for a Major credit card company, along with my husband, ex-husband, and ex-husbands girlfriend. Company terminated all of us due to personal issues that occurred outside the workplace between my husband and ex-husband. There was never a physical confrantation between them at work or outside of work. Personal issues were resolved before termination took place. We all worked in different areas. I was terminated due to "your continued employment may jeopardize our ability to maintain a safe and productive work environment".

Also, at the time of dismissal, I was on short-term disability due to gynelogical problems that are going to require a hysterectomy. My insurance will be discontinued on February 28th, and I do not know if I can have my surgery before then, plus we are waiting for tests to come back to see if I also have cancer of the uterus that will require radition or chemotherapy after the surgery. Do I have a case?

-- Nancy Friese (, January 24, 2004


This a tuff one first: my question is 1.How did the company found ot about your personal situations 2.Everyone worked in different sections" How do they know if there is a problems?" 3.Find out the procedure of your short-term; mainly company is still responsible if it a job/stress related disease

Once you find out qickly file a EEO complaint after which your husband and everybody else file one to they can ride on your decision if the company is willing to give you a mediation conference and the possiblity of getting your job if they bring one back everybody should come back to hurry there is a timeline limit for filing complaints

-- Joe (, May 16, 2004.

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