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My accupuncturist is being certified as a doula to assist me in my delivery. I am very excited that she is able to do this for me as we have a great raport and both my husband and I like and trust her. Our only question (and her's too) is how much to pay for this service. This will be her first time acting as a doula, although she has been present at 5 births using accupuncture to manage labor pain, and has a child of her own. She will be certified by the time I deliver in July and she will also give me accupuncture to manage pain. We live in San Francisco. Based on all of this information I would love to hear suggested amounts of fees for her services. Thanks!

-- Lennlee (lennlee@santafeproductions.com), January 20, 2004


Fees in the Bay Area range from 500 to 750 per birth. Since she will be getting certified and needs 3 births before certification (after going to the training)she can reduce her fee for you if that need be.

-- Sara Duggan (mommie_care@yahoo.com), February 28, 2004.

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