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Hello beautiful people,

I've been perusing the internet for the past couple of weeks gathering information and emailing various people requesting the process of becoming a midwife. I had the idea today that it would be great to start as a doula... obviously this is not a novel plan... I live currently in pensacola, florida..and it seems like there's not a lot of options 'round here to prepare me for becoming a doula/midwife. I thought i'd reach out here for suggestion. I'm limited for the next 5 moons to pensacola, b/c i'm saving the money to make the move to ashland in the early summer... basically, i'm wondering exactly who i should be contacting and what i should be doing to get started on becoming a midwife. I'm in school, currently majoring in art... and have all the general core courses... the anatomy class schedule for this term is just horrid...lab's on a different campus and both campuses are way outta the way...but if i should most definately have it before going to ashland...then i guess i'll just have to suck it up. nohow, ANY info you have is appreciated... even if it's just regarding the move to oregon... i love to meet new people, especially mama's(ladies), and having contacts when i get there is always safe. hope you all have a blessed and beautiful evening. i love you. in lak'ech Jes

-- LuminicRainJes (, December 28, 2003


Hi Jes, I moved to Ashland, Or. from Montana this summer to also pursue my dream of becoming a midwife and doula. I currently attend the International School of Traditional Midwifery in Ashland and only have wonderful things to say about the school, area and career choice. 2 months into schooling, my classmates, a few local women and I completed a doula workshop and have formed 'Birth Angels Doula Group' here in southern oregon. We've already received several births and are working on promoting ourselves through the the school and the school's non-profit organization MOMS (Midwives on Missions of Service). Let me know if you would like more information about ISTM (international school of traditional midwifery) or you can go to our website at The school's phone # is 541- 488-8254. My email is Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Conrgrats on receiving your midwifery calling and good luck! Warmly, Jen Miller

-- Jen Miller (, January 03, 2004.

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