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What happened to November? Well, it has been a rough month or so but I hope after my parents move into their home in Feb. I can get a few things done. Everyone here has had the flu except me, I probably get it the day before Christmas! Lets hope not!

I have been selling a lot of soap and actually want to put the business to bed for a month. I wouldn't have thought people would be buying this late in the month. I am on a aromatherapy site and been getting orders for 50 packs of tea tree, lavender and eucalupus left and right. I think I am now paying for the "parent plus" loans on the kids colleges. That is a Blessing!

Pam I sure feel for you having to go to the Dentist. After having my wisdom teeth pulled a few months back I am scared to have anything done in my mouth. I had pain that kept me down for a month. The dentist prescribed some medication that had me walking into walls and I think I was even seeing things! Stopped his medicine and just took the pain. Tried clove in the mouth and that worked but who wants to smell like a ham! I now have a cracked tooth where he did the surgery and so I need a crown.

My BULL is sick Diane, he has trouble walking and has a bad running nose plus lost quite a bit of weight. I am trying to get him to eat antibiotics, pain medicine plus hand feeding him. Generally he is a little more aggressive for hand feeding so that tells me he is really sick. If this doesn't work this week I will have to try and give him shots. Anyone interested in giving a 1500 pound bull 44cc of LA 200 everyday for a week? I didn't think so.

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas. I for one am going to stop complaining (after this update of course), for the rest of the month and thank the Lord for my many blessings I have received this year and for dying on the Cross for my Sins! Of Course I will also pray that I don't get the flu too!

Love to all, Debbie at Bountiful

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003

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